Saturday, January 19, 2013

Morbidly Obese

Occasionally, a news article describes a crime in which people stood by and did nothing to stop what was occurring. A woman is violated, a man is beaten, a child is verbally assaulted, and the list is as endless as the depraved human mind is evil. As we read about these senseless events, there is something inside of us that incites righteous anger. “Why didn’t anyone do anything?”, “How could they just stand there?”, “If I was there I would have…!”

Now imagine those same scenarios, but the bystanders were police officers or armed military. Or what if they were high-powered executives who had knowledge of an ongoing criminal act where innocence was robbed. We rightly become more indignant because we all know that with great power and/or knowledge comes tremendous responsibility. Unlike the typical bystander, the officer and militia are highly trained experts on how to handle nightmarish situations. And CEOs receive training on what to do if “X” occurs, and the answer is never, ‘Sit back and allow the crime to continue.’ The court of public opinion would rightly be one of outrage.

What about the Christian who remains silent?
The viral YouTube video of atheist, Penn, of Penn and Teller accurately describes the Christian who says nothing to a person who they believe is going to hell. He says, “Some Christians don’t proselytize because they’re afraid of it being socially awkward…How much do you have to hate somebody to not proselytize?”

The Body of Christ is filled with wide and expanding souls who refuse to share the gospel.

It appears the Body of Christ has become morbidly obese. That is, they continue to gorge themselves at the table of God’s knowledge week after week, absorbing the truth of Christ, fat with lifesaving information, full of life, bursting at the seams with eternal knowledge that sets the captives free. Yet most, according to research, remain silent.

I fear the day when we stand in heaven and my perfect ears hear the righteous indignation and chorus from those departing to eternal separation from God rightly crying out… “WHY!?” “HOW COULD YOU!?” “IF I HAD KNOWN, I WOULD HAVE…!?”

Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ is not a calling or a gift; it is a command!
Imagine what could happen if the New Year’s resolution of the Christian was, “To go out and make disciples of Jesus Christ.” In other words, I will no longer sit week after week watching my friends, family, and co-workers walk the path of eternal destruction. I will obey the command of God. I will stand up for the righteous cause and not be a bystander anymore. I will get my soul in shape by working it out on the lost.

“How much do you have to hate somebody to not proselytize?” How long will we ignore the command of God?
Our calling is not to get to Heaven by the skin of our teeth. We are trained, equipped, and commanded, at minimal, to attempt to...

bring others with us.



  1. The Dead Sea is dead because there is much inflow and zero outflow. Everything builds up to the point that the water is so inundated with silts, minerals, and such, that the normal proper balance of water is gone, preventing normal growth.

    Parallel? Perhaps. Think about it and decide.

  2. Our theology must meet our reality if we are to be credible Christians. Not just in name only but our good deeds that will point others to Christ Jesus. Part of our "deeds" are to be following such commands as to go into all the world and preach the gospel. There is only ONE gospel. Not everyone has the gift of evangelism but we can all do the work of an evangelist. Were we not "offended" when we were confronted with our sins? If someone is NOT offended by God's truths then they aren't understanding who they are and/or more importantly who Christ is. Holy God, sinful man. What's not offensive about that?

    1. Agreed, Angela. To add to what you wrote. One major problem is that Christians have bought the once well-meaning Christian maxim, “Actions speak louder than words” and stopped at actions. Eventually, one MUST move past actions and describe why they have any righteousness at all; Jesus Christ. Minus this verbal assent, we are no different, to the world, than any other social justice person who does it out of the “goodness of their heart”. We must speak the truth in love and humility or be in danger of elevating good works above the gospel.

  3. reminds me of this song by Keith Green -asleep in the light.

    Do you see, do you see all the people sinking down? Don't you care, don't you care are you gonna let them drown? How can you be so numb not to care if they come? You close your eyes and pretend the job's done
    Bless me Lord, bless me Lord You know it's all I ever hearNo one aches, no one hurts no one even sheds one tear But He cries, He weeps, He bleeds and He cares for your needsAnd you just lay back and keep soaking it in
    Oh, can't you see it's such a sin? 'Cause He brings people to you doorAnd you turn them away as you smile and sayGod bless you, be at peace and all heaven just weeps'Cause Jesus came to you door you've left Him out in the street
    Open up, open up and give yourself awayYou see the need, you hear the cries so how can you delay?God's calling and you're the one but like Jonah you runHe's told you to speak but you keep holding it in
    Can't you see it's such a sin?The world is sleeping in the dark that the church just can't fight'Cause it's asleep in the lightHow can you be so dead, when you've been so well fed Jesus rose from the grave and you, you can't even get out of bedJesus rose from the dead, come on, get out of your bed
    How can you be so numb not to care if they comeYou close your eyes and pretend the job's doneYou close your eyes and pretend the job's doneDon't close your eyes, don't pretend the job's done


    1. That is one man I would have loved to have had dinner with and talked about hearing God's voice. His songs and life are evidence that God still talks to His children. Thanks, Boo.