Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Unshakable Truth: The Bible

It is circulated and translated into more languages than any other book in history.
It has faced persecution at the hands of tyrants, emperors, kings, and kingdoms and sits today unscathed.
Its many stories cannot be destroyed or diminished by skeptics, scholars, or scoffers.
Its social, political, legal, and governmental influence through the millennia is peerless.
It tells us where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going.
It gives the answers to tough questions and does not shrink back, slither away, or sidestep severe reality.
It tells the truth of its adherents, atheists, and the aloof.
It claims to be breathed by the Creator God and its guts substantiate its brazen proclamation and no man has shown otherwise.
Those who have stood against it have perished while it remains stronger than ever.
Many who have set out to diminish its validity have become unbending, unalterable, and unswerving apologists.
It can solidify or segregate families.
It transcends, transforms, and transverses cultures.
Its science shames the sages.
Its prophecy unblemished.
Its historicity dependable.
Its archeology exact.
Its laws unswerving.
Its truth unshakable.
Its poetry unequaled.
Its wisdom unmatched.
Its depth unparalleled.
Its simplicity unfathomable.
Its love unprecedented.
Its Spirit unwavering.
Its Savior unsurpassed.
Its God unrivaled.
Its kingdom unending.
The Bible is indeed uncommon, unreal, and unique!
You are either faithful or you are faithless.
You either stand with it or you fall because of it.
You make it your friend or it becomes your worst enemy.
You can run to it or you can run from it, but you cannot hide from it.
You can climb the highest peak, fall into the deepest pit, or walk a deserted path, but you cannot escape the passionate, persistent, and penetrating heartbeat of God’s holy Word.
Despise it, detest God, and depart to darkness demolished and dying you shall die.
Love it, love God, live forever.
A Choice Not Made Is A Choice Made