Thursday, September 15, 2011

Medal of Honor is Present!

On 9-11-11 a good friend of mine, Jay, had the opportunity to attend a special military event commemorating the events of 9-11-01. Top generals, dignitaries, and select prominent people were in attendance.

Sitting at Jay’s table was a well-known sports franchise owner. Gold and diamond laced rings from national championships that his team has won over the years adorned the man’s hands. One could not help but notice the glittering trophies on nearly every finger.

As the evening continued, a general took the lectern and began to speak. The general abruptly stopped his speech and loudly proclaimed, “Medal of Honor is present!” The entire room of individuals jumped to their feet, came to attention, and saluted this man wearing the Medal of Honor. The room was silent as everyone watched him walk to his seat. The sound of each step resonated through the auditorium. Once he took his seat, the ceremony continued as normal. Jay looked over at the professional sports team owner who was looking at his hands and politely whispered, “They don’t mean much compared to that do they?” The man knowing the truth of that profound statement had to nod in agreement and state with a low voice, “No, they sure don’t”.

As I heard this story, my mind raced to the day when I will stand before my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Bible speaks of crowns we will receive for the works we do in this world. He will place them on our heads but we will not go to a mirror or proudly tell others about our accomplishments. No, in a sense, we will loudly proclaim, “Medal of Honor is present!”

When we view our feeble attempts to do good works compared to The Good Work accomplished by the Mighty King, we will have no desire to wear our crowns. We will gladly take them off and throw them at the feet of the One and Only, the Truth and the Life, the Light of this world, and the Lamb that took our real sin and really paid for it in full.

Good works are just that, good. They are nothing more and nothing less. They are good. We do not call them saving works because no good work can save anyone from the necessary righteous judgment of a holy and blameless God.

Medal of Honor is present!

Have you accepted His free reward that only He has earned?