Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A True Work of Art

I recently visited an incredibly beautiful city on the Gulf Coast of Florida. While waiting on others to go to dinner in an affluent part of town near the beach, two other pastors and I decided to venture outside our comfort zone and enter an art gallery. I knew I could not afford the luxuries in this establishment, but I appreciate the gifts of others to turn paint into something extraordinary.
Out of this large gallery there was one painting that caught our attention, and we could not take our eyes off of it. The artist is Walfrido Garcia and the title is “The Truth Shall Set You Free”. While standing there, a saleslady (I will call her June) approached us and asked the usual, “Is there anything I can help you gentlemen with today?” She was a charming young lady who was personable and funny. I am certain June could tell it was highly unlikely we had the wherewithal to purchase such incredible works of art, but she seemed to truly be interested in talking. 
June asked us if we would like to see a room designed to showcase the art with special lighting, we immediately agreed. It was a room in the back of the store where we could sit on a couch while she altered the light, making the painting appear to come alive. As the room got quiet, I asked June if she was aware of where the name of the painting originated, and she said no. I explained it is from the Bible, but it is missing a key part that is often misquoted. The verse actually states that it is the knowledge of the Truth that sets us free (John 8:32). This started a forty-five minute conversation with June about the creator God of all that loves her and is pursuing her attention. Her primary questions were scientific in nature as she used to work at a science lab out West. As I answered each of her questions, she was intrigued and appreciated what she heard.
Near the end of our time together, she made the comment, “I know God sent you here today, because I have been asking for Him to do that for the last couple of days”. We thought we were just out for dinner, but God sent us to breathe life into an eternal soul desperately seeking a point of true contact with Reality. 
A mystery beyond my grasp is that God uses sinful people like me to spread His incredible news of salvation. He is pursuing the world with passion. Are you helping His perfect and eternal cause, or are you so consumed with personal attainment you are allowing His loving words to go unheard?