Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heaven's Secrets

A friend recently asked me what I thought Heaven was like. The Bible is scarce with revelation about the coming glory of God’s presence, but one thing is certain, it is beyond the greatest of all imaginations. Our human limitations brought on by sin, and the curse of God, do not allow our minds to fully wrap around the splendor to come.

I believe, however, God exposes variant aspects of Heaven to His children that captivate and entice them as it suits their personalities—the individual nuances He so adores. It is all we can corporately conjure and beyond. It surpasses all amazing thoughts, feelings, and dreams combined. The science fiction world stretches towards paradise, but remains desperately wanting. It is the very presence of the Almighty of Whom we only view in a mirror dimly.
Oh my, dream all you want, and it has not begun to scratch the proverbial surface of the majesty to come, and words cannot begin to enlighten our limited intellect.
While Heaven’s true shape is unknown, one thing is for certain, the clouds of the rapture are forming, the chess pieces are maneuvering for position, and the stage for the final battles are almost full. Israel has become the center of the universe as the Bible warned.  
We are near, and the time is at hand. But even if He delays 2,000 more years, our life is a flicker and eternity surrounds our mortal being. Does the blood of Christ protect you from His wrath? Don’t miss out on the party that ends all parties, when Christ enters the room and billions of voices rise in perfection to glorify the risen King who paid our admission. Your mind will be intact, your glorified body will be perfect, and eternal joy with our true family begins and never ends. “Encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.” Hebrews 10:25b


  1. The curse of God??
    Christ became a curse so I am free from the curse of the Law. Galatians 3:13 Cursed is any man who hangs on a tree, but may you share the passage regarding the curse of God, please?

    1. Thank you for the comment and reading the blog. I venture to guess you and I would agree with the maxim, “A text with no context is no text at all”.
      The curse of the book of Galatians three is not germane to the discussion of this blog. The context of Galatians three specifically refers to the curse of “the law” (3a) not one’s ability to fully and accurately comprehend. The setting, however, in this blog is a reference to the multiple curses of God put on man because of his sin in the book of Genesis three. The evidence, both physically and theologically, of said curses persist (e.g., pain in child birth; man working diligently with little return; death; etc.). In fact, we are continuing to suffer under the extreme weight of God’s curse. At the epigenetic level we continue to ‘die that we may die’ (the Hebrew verbiage of Genesis 2:17b indicates two types of death; instantaneous spiritual death/separation and a genetic alteration allowing cellular death to enter our once immortal being, i.e., a life span with age limitations). Along with said curse came the inability to observe that which surrounds us (what science indicates is 95% of our surroundings. See String, M, and T.O.E. theory. Science is catching the Bible). One of the final edicts of God (i.e., not yet accomplished), before the ushering in of the eternal Heaven, is rescinding of His curse (a grammatical singular reference to a plural declaration) upon man and the earth, “There will no longer be any CURSE; and the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in it” (Revelation 22:3a-b). Galatians three and you are certainly correct, Christ took on and offers freedom from the curse of the law, which is payment for our sins and freedom from God’s wrath. But the curse of Adam follows all of mankind until the end of this age thereby disrupting our ability to grasp the glories of His presence and by extension, Heaven.