Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rant on Science

Forgive my rant but it is such an inane assertion by non-believers to say that Christians ‘simply’ want to invoke the boogey man when in fact we have the capability to understand theoretical physics at a much deeper level. It is my view that they, not us, are staying simplistic when they ‘simply’ state “Big Bang” or “Millions and millions of years ago…” (sorry, but isn’t that what children’s books start with? E.g., “In a distant land a long long time ago…”) We, believers, go deeper and further to attempt to grasp the Infinite that stands behind it and truly getting to the “why” and “how”. To me the real questions are why are they limiting the research? Why not expound the realm of possibilities? Is that not what science and in particular quantum sciences are created to dissect? I mean, why, would an individual of any stature out of hand exclude something that is at minimal possible and at peak likely?

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